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Holiday Promotion

All series and package include (3) 60 Minute Treatments. Mark your calendars, Holiday Promotions will be available for purchase in store, online, or during Downtown Holiday events. Get $30 off and a $10 Selfcare Bonus Card when you purchase any of the Holiday Packages.  If you purchase your package online, your bonus card will be sent separately. Happy Holidays Create Health Mobility Team! 

Bamboo Series

Bamboossage® uses bamboo and rattan sets that are warmed and applied to the body along with a special Bamboossage® oil that helps the tools glide as the therapist kneads the muscles. Many of the strokes are similar to Swedish-style strokes combined with deep tissue massage.


Clients report improvement after 2-3 treatments. Due to the mixture between Swedish and Deep style strokes, you can book whenever you feel your body needs the next treatment.

Mobiliy Series

 Several techniques are used during a Mobility Massage, such as trigger point, myofascial release and stretching.


My goal is to create mobility by decreasing muscular tension. The best results when treating acute and chronic muscular dysfunction are found within a 90 day period. 

Reminder, it is my recommendation and practice to wait 2 + weeks before the next session. This allows your body time to acclimate to the previous treatment.

Thai Series 

Thai massage uses ancient stretching and massage techniques to leave you feeling free and relaxed. Its often referred to as "The Lazy Mans Yoga". The entire treatment is done on a mat located on the floor.


Their is no recommendation on a time frame for booking your next session. However, it is possible to overstretch the body, listening to your body and allowing it to acclimate is necessary for development.

Therapeutic Package

A combination of these treatments improve flexibility, mobility and range of motion through decreasing muscular tension. Spreading out sessions within a 90 day period, helps to decrease the possibility of your body returning to it's previous posture. 

This package includes 

(1) 60 Minute Thai Massage 

(1) 60 Minute Bamboo Massage

(1) 60 Minute Mobility Massage

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